Press [Tab] to enter setup, then delete all of the existing arrays. I wasn’t sure if I found the right option in bios, but I went and took a look. The rest I’ll have to continue playing with. The drive was an OEM product, could be it is bad, I just have to figure out how to confirm this. Skoop, Yes I had the floppy in. This site hosts no abandonware.

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Thank you for the awsome article! Super slow boot, slow everything. Sorry to but in here but adus sure where to make a new post.

Install SATA hdd on ASUS A8V Deluxe Motherboard

I thought the hard discs had packed up but after testing with a usb gadget I know they are still ok when plugged into an outside usb socket. I have a gb 8av drive just sitting here waiting to backup. Seriously, more should be done by gimps at Microsellouts to enable easier installations. Hi thanx for this guide dont no how long it would have took me to figure this out without it.

Then run the Windows XP blue screen setup, and press F6 to specify additional drivers. Download and unzip the file, then extract the contents to a newly created folder. I had a asus p4p and it worked fine. I have an a8v deluxe. Might want to try them.

Recent Drivers  SP27103 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

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Unless you have a good reason to do otherwise, use the VIA ports – dont have a SATA drive myself but W8v do know that you have to load the drivers from floppy before you aeus use it. Employee Survey – Win prizes worth R4, My configuration is 1 sata harddrive not raidand trying to install Windows XP. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. But who knows, all I know is my system is smokin now, and I drool everytime Far Cry starts.

Perhaps, the firmware of the SATA Controller of the motherboard does not support the capacity of the new drive and might need updating.

asus a8v deluxe sata problem

The sata ports use separate promise sata controller that most likely will require drivers. I followed the recomendations of a another poster and it solved at least part of my problems.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. If you use the Auto setup mode, it should automatically add both HDs to the same array and will set a default block size of 64K.

Aug 12, Posts: It says it’s functional but when I boot into Windows, sataa drives show as two seperate removable drives, one full, and one empty.


I believe you should be able to do this from Tue Nov 02, saa When windows is installed with all drivers, you can turn it back on. I’ll try yanking out a pair over the weekend and see if I can get it to run at Mhz DDR — if so, I will probably take your advice and run that way for a while.

Sata should work in win98se, right? If I use either Promise port with Raid enabled, the systems searches for a long time, then says it can’t find ddluxe.

That is one reason I was worried about being able to install win98 if I use sata optical drive or sata hard drive. It would suck having to re-install everything.

I really appreciate everyone’s help on this!

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Sending shifts in Realvnc. I didn’t get the menu to install other drivers until after it loaded everything else.

Now the scary part: