Thank you for your review submission. Do you recommend this product? Also please provide part numbers of the connectors used on this board. Test and Services Application: You’ve got a few things to watch out for, but nothing too big, assuming you’re trying to measure low current.

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What’s your job title? What is the total accuracy of this device when measuring differential voltage?

Using PMD ls with simulink? – MATLAB Answers – MATLAB Central

Try calibrating only 1 channel at a time, rather than all channels. We are trying to create a 3D model to simulate placement before we desing our Board Tester Design. Data Entry Clerk Industry: Sign In Username Password: Please provide detailed PCB Assembly drawing with the necessary board mechnaical dimensions. Force measurment devices Application: Analog readings sync How to syncronize bulk analog readings of two or more devices.

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You pmd-1208sl download the manual from our web site here: With minimal cost and effort I quickly wrote a program that allows us to perform a wide variety of pmd-1208ks with the results saved to disk. Please contact us to talk about alternative products that we may be able to offer you. This is done in the same manner as you would for one scan, except you do it “independently” for each scan. I don’t have specific data to back up, but there are indications that a 3rd instance of this board has also failed in the recent past.


Thank you for your review submission. Other software packages generally do not support the SYNC mode. Is the FS-Plus an updated model? Pmr-1208ls there a newer version of the driver?

However i can’t find the analog output block for this model in the data acquisition toolbox. I would be sure to check that InstaCal is installed, with a version of 6.


Available with or bit resolution and up to two analog outputs. Does a good job We have used this model device in the past and were pleased with it’s ease of use with data we needed. Using PMD ls with simulink?

Does it read current directly or it just reads voltage? Multifunction – at the same time? Note that from the software driver’s standpoint, the data is coming from two devices, into two different memory buffers. It seems that you can’t have pmd–1208ls background analog input operation going on and still use the analog output or digital channels. Search Answers Clear Filters.


I have a question regarding the analogue output. If using DAQFlex, the global command is: Other MathWorks country sites are not optimized for visits from your location. Pmd-11208ls all you do is read the voltage drop across the resistor and done. Asked by maria mazuera maria mazuera view profile. USB-based data acquisition device with eight bit analog inputs, 1.